Back on the BBC

Back on the BBC after far too long away. I did an interview with Sarah Walker on BBC Radio Berks which was great fun – she’s really easy to talk to! We talked about ‘Moving Mountains’ (of course) but also talked about the path to adventure, chaging lifestyle through small steps etc. If you would … Read more

Moving Mountains – available now!

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is available now from Amazon (both in paperback and on Kindle) from Apple Books, Kobo and all leading booksellers. Signed copies will be available from the website in the next few days. Just click on the links below for your preferred option For the paperback or Kindle version then it’s AMAZON For Apple Books it’s … Read more

Sonning to Goring along the Thames Path

If any of you follow me on Instagram or read my blog posts, you will know that I am a huge fan of the Thames Path. So much so that I call it my ‘playground’ – and why not? After all I visit it every day unless I am away travelling (and none of us … Read more

The Picos Mountains and beyond

With so many having access to outdoor space restricted I am making the digital version of Spanish Steps with the breathtaking scenery of the Camino de Santiago and the Picos Mountiains free to download. Of course if you want to pay for it or want the hard copy e-zine then great! Otherwise just use the … Read more

Virtual races – the new norm?

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on families, friends, the young and people’s livelihoods. I am one of the lucky ones in that I have kept relatively healthy. I have managed to maintain some of my work projects and I live in a house where I have some space and a garden to exercise in. … Read more

Granada – city of light and shade


Granada, without doubt, is one of my favourite cities and somewhere I return to year after year.  So what makes it so special? Ostensibly, it’s because it is the home of the Sierra Nevada Ultra Trail Race – a race I compete in each year. I write about this elsewhere but suffice it to say … Read more


Do you write in a journal? If so you’re in great company. People as diverse as Kurt Cobain to Leonardo Da Vinci were great keepers of journals. The list goes on, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, George Paton and my personal favourite, Pablo Picasso. Picasso used to do preliminary sketches of some … Read more

It’s good people who make good places

Meeting on the bridge at Kinlockleven

I bump, literally, into a lady walking her dog on the bridge at Kinlockleven. “You shouldn’t walk using your phone, you’ll miss the view” she exclaims. I apologise “You’re right, what a beautiful dog” I say. ”yes he’s 18 and I’m 83”. “Wow – what’s your secret” ”I came here 65 years ago on holiday … Read more