The Picos Mountains and beyond

With so many having access to outdoor space restricted I am making the digital version of Spanish Steps with the breathtaking scenery of the Camino de Santiago and the Picos Mountiains free to download. Of course if you want to pay for it or want the hard copy e-zine then great! Otherwise just use the promo code NHS at checkout and it’ll be completely free. Here’s the link

I’m trying out a new on-line publishing platform so if you prefer, you can read the e-zine in your browser below.

Continuing the theme, I’m really lucky to still have access to the Thames Path (as well as several hundred photographs) and I know, better than most, how uplifting nature can be even if it’s via a computer screen. Therefore I’ve put a post together on running a short section ofThe Thames Path with some stunning photographs – you can see it here. It’s part of a major project I’m doing about the river (so far five years work & counting). So this is just a short preview of the project and hopefully will transport you to this magical place wherever you are.

Enjoy Spanish Steps!