Back on the BBC

Back on the BBC after far too long away. I did an interview with Sarah Walker on BBC Radio Berks which was great fun – she’s really easy to talk to! We talked about ‘Moving Mountains’ (of course) but also talked about the path to adventure, changing lifestyle through small steps etc.

While we are on the subject, I’ve just completed an article on ‘The Call to Adventure’ for an adventure magazine and I’ll put a link up here once it’s approved and published. Unfortunately the BBC take down the interview link on BBC iPlayer (unless you’re really famous!) after a few weeks but I am working hard on some YouTube videos where I talk about some of my adventures with some pictures. Here’s a link of you want to explore the budding channel – I think I’ve got up to nearly 20 views on one of the videos!!

Photo courtesy of Alex Blăjan – Unsplash