Ultra Trail – Sierra Nevada

Really excited to be back on the road again, this time to Granada, Spain for the Ultra Trail Sierra Nevada. 63 kms through the blistering heat and mountains of the beautiful Sierra Nevada.

Fortunately we’ve had a heat wave here in the UK (i.e. It hasn’t rained for 7 days straight!) but my Spanish friends have warned me that I ain’t seen nothing yet with temperatures likely to exceed 40c. The race starts at 6:30am but I imagine by midday I will really know about it. There’s also the 20,000ft of elevation to content with. To put that into perspective, when I ran across Italy a few months back, the elevation was the same but I took 7 days as opposed to the 15 hours this is expected to take.

So all in all a real challenge that I’m really looking forward to after the recent spate of injuries.

The training could have gone better but that’s always the case with me. I’m changing gear a bit too after the crippling blisters I got on the TP 100 and reverting to Hoka Challengers, the trail version of the Clifton which I used for the 8 marathon 8 day 8 country challenge

I’m really enjoying getting back into photography but my usual weapon, an Iphone 6s+, is pretty big so I’m gling to try the Xperia X Compact which is meant to have a really good camera – you be the judge on my Instagram feed @masairunning

Anyway it all happens on the 14th & 15th July and you can follow the whole adventure on twitter and instagram @masairunning and of course you can sign up to my website to never miss an update.

Now where’s that passport!

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