Running with flu!

For the last fortnight my nose has been pressed against the window, #blisterbunnies sitting forlorlnly in the corner desperate to go out running. The spirit is willing but sadly the body is not!

But, with all this spare time on my hands, I’ve made a marvellous discovery – the art of virtual running! So if you want to run the Badwater Ultra , 135 miles across Death Valley in 120f heat, but without the IV drips or the cronic kidney failure, or swoop through the forests of British Columbia as you tackle unchartered trails on a roller coaster 180km not stop run in under 48 hours. Or perhaps you prefer to race against some of the all time ultra greats – the likes of Timmy Olson, Sage Canaday, Mick Donges or Anton Krupka in the beautiful Tamarawera 100k Ultra. Then look no further just click on the links below to be magically transported!


Badwater Ultra Marathon
135 miles across Death Valley in 120f heat – there are some great characters in this one including a 65 year ld Brit who has done it 11 times and a really cranky bagel seller from New York. It’s a classic – enjoy it and prepare to weep!

Sunshine Coast Trail – British Columbia
180km non stop along a previously unchartered trail in the beautiful woods on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. The runners in this are inspiring and the hero of the film, Ean Jackson, well he’s a legend. The problem is he treats the while thing as just a joke & makes it look so easy it takes away the unbelievable feat of what they actually achieved – Ean we salute you & keep eating those burgers and drinking that beer!

Sebastian Chaignea
What to know how to do it properly – then follow Sebastian’s routines as he prepares for the UTMB – a great film that lets you in behind the scenes of an ultra runner’s life.

The Taramawera 100k Ultra – New Zealand
This one has got all the ultra greats in it and is really well shot through the beautiful countryside in the heart of New Zealand. It’s grown into a really big ultra over the last 5 years and it’s not hard to see why …. & I really hope the organisers of The Beachy Head Marathon see what food they put out for the runners!!! (Only kidding – love you Beachy Head!)

Kilian Journet – From the Atlantic to the Med – a run across the Pyrenees
Well he’s the one we all aspire to & this one is particularly special to me as I am hoping to emulate this challenge in 2015* – although I might take a bit longer than Kilian’s 8 days! A quick note on the YouTube link – this takes you to video1 & there are 5 parts

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