The great Sarva Pyrenees run – we did it!

Last Sunday, 3rd July 2016 at 5:45pm I wended my way up the final few yards of volcanic path to the Cap de Creus lighthouse and the end of my epic run across the Spanish Pyrenees. The azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea was on my right and to my left 524 miles of one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in Europe – the Pyrenees.

What had started out as a dream, as I watched a video of the great Kilian Jornet complete the same journey in 2010, had finally become a reality. I had mixed emotions as I waved to my Sister perched high above on the viewing platform- relief that I had completed what I had set out to do and at the same time raised the profile a little bit for the wonderful charity, Sarva . Relief to that my body had held out through the punishing 12 hour days, the 524 miles of rugged and varied terrain, not to mention the 104,000 feet of climbing. But there was also a sense of sadness that this epic journey was over – I knew I had changed from the person that had set out 27 days ago; I had learnt so much about myself, faced my fears, faced loneliness and despair but also experienced absolute jubilation and joy marvelling in the stunning landscape, the friendly people and the sense of excitement that only an epic adventure can give you.

So what next? Well I need to put pen to paper and chronicle the events of the run (I have a title already, Moving Mountains), I need to continue to do my tiny bit to raise the profile of Sarva and who knows I might even inspire you to start your own adventure too.

Thank you so much to those of you who donated – it’s never too late so here are the links if you feel you can spare a few bob.



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