Trans Italia 2016

With the Pyrenees well and truly in the rear view mirror, its time to turn my attention to the next great challenge- running across Italy from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean – Trans Italia 2016.

I’ve found a route that starts in Cattolica and finishes on the West coast in Marina Di Cecina some 350km later. It is based loosely on  the Dall’Adriatico al Tirreno Team Relay across Italy. Needless to say I will be going solo and at the “wrong” time of year i.e in the winter! On the positive side it’s definitely going to be flatter than the Pyrenees … isn’t it?

I’m still debating as to whether to do a mad dash and try and do it 4-5 days or take a bit longer and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I’m also keen to make a short film about the experience – I got some fantastic feedback about the Pyrenees pictures and want to continue on from there.

I absolutely love Italy – one of our best marathons from the 12 Country Series was in Lake Como and of course I had a blast when I ran a marathon in Venice (not easy to do – it’s mostly water) as part of the 8 marathons 8 Countries 8 Days record attempt.

You can follow the build up here and on Twitter and Instagram @masairunning

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