Plant Powered Light!

Let’s introduce a new word to you in the world of healthy eating – Plant Powered Light!

For those of you who’ve followed us for a while, you will now that in May 2014, to coincide with the start of our 12 marathon, 12 month, 12 country challenge, we embarked on a plant based diet inspired by amongst others, the famous ultra runner Rich Roll.

Without question this diet has helped our bodies recover from the rigours of doing so many runs in such a concentrated period and has kept us healthy. In January after a particularly gruelling couple of months where we had done the Vienna Ultra, run from Reading to Oxford – a distance of 60km, run/walked up Mont Ventoux and both caught flu, we went on a raw food detox to repair our ravaged bodies. The good news it worked and we were able to continue our adventures in Lisbon and Brussels, completing a marathon in each!

But now, as we approach the end of this particular challenge both of us yearn for the odd thing on the “Plant Powered No List!”, maybe a piece of cheesecake or some fish or some old fashioned fresh hot bread and butter. So you’ve guessed it – a new term, Plant Powered Light – we still follow broadly a plant based diet but do allow ourselves the odd lapse and we feel …… great! All the goodness of a plant based diet with the odd treat to keep our bodies going – a perfect compromise!

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