“Adventure is open to us all. It requires a willingness to change ones perspective and embrace an unconventional life free from the constraints and limitations imposed by us and by society.”

That’s me in the picture having just run across the Spanish Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Med – a distance of 525 miles taking in an elevation of more than 100,000 ft on the way (that’s the equivalent of 4 Everests). It took me 27 days and it was a fitting way to celebrate my sixtieth birthday and indeed a complete transformation of my life.

Just 5 years previous to the Pyrenees trip I was 70lbs overweight, struggling with arthritis and had all but given up on living an active and fulfilling life. I was faced with a choice – to quit or to try and change my life for ever. This site charters that journey including how I ran across Italy in 7 days, completed a world first, self supported  8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 days as well as ran countless ultras and marathons around Europe. I also talk about how I radically changed my diet as well as my (multiple!) vulnerabilities, fears and hang ups along the way.

But above all this site is about giving hope to us all that we can achieve pretty much anything with self-determination and a different perspective on life. After all I am a very ordinary person that just happens to do extraordinary things.

So enjoy the site, get involved (I answer every email and comment) and start an adventure of your own. All it takes is that first step!