A year in pictures

A year in pictures. I do write in my journal every single day – it becomes a habit just like running every day and it’s really beneficial to talk to yourself – ask any shrink!

But at the start of 2022 I decided to keep a visual diary as well and every few weeks I post a couple of pictures which reflects where I am. Although it’s a lot of work it’s far more informal than a journal (I certainly wouldn’t want to share what I write in that) and it’s a nice project to share with visitors to my site too. The pictures aren’t necessarily the best but rather I use them to tell a story. I might even print a few copies at the end of the year to give to family and friends.

The process is quite laborious – first off there’s the selection process. I look through hundreds of photos to select the two or three I am going to use. I try and use current ones but if it’s a ‘bleak week’ then it’s off to the archives to try and find something around the date but a previous year. Next it’s a trip to Lightroom unless the pictures have already been processed – normally just a bit of cropping and fine tuning the exposure. The I upload the pictures to Affinity Publisher and add the to the ‘book’ with a bit of text. The final step is to download a pdf which I then upload to Heyzine, my publishing platform and then as if by a miracle (some embedded shortcode actually) they appear on this website here

Why not give it a go and keep your own record of the year in pictures.