Prepare to be inspired!

Andrew Townsend is a runner, writer and adventurer based in Reading, UK. He has run countless marathons and ultras including a record breaking, 8 self-supported marathons in 8 countries in 8 days,Β  a solo run across Italy in just 7 days and a mind boggling 525 mile coast-to-coast run across the Spanish Pyrenees.

“You have to go look for happiness in life, find it in the things that make you feel alive. Life is not something to be preserved or protected, it is to explored and lived to the full.” – Kilian Jornet

What makes Andrew’s story even more extraordinary is that just 6 years ago in his mid fifties he was clinically obese, riddled with arthritis and condemned to a life of pain and pills. He chose a different course and this site covers his amazing road to recovery and his adventures all over Europe in both words and pictures. Click on the images below to be taken to the blog and pictures and you will find more in the menu. While you’re here why not sign up to receive his occasional newsletter