Be creative – everyone is an artist!

I’ve got a new passion – photography. Well it’s an old one actually. I first took it up when I was 18 but it disappeared along with me into the fleshpots of London. I used to love nothing better than leaving my Earls Court flat at dawn and spending the day walking around London shooting everything and everyone. Of course it was film in those days not digital, so each shot had to be taken with care and precision ….. Up to a point!

Fast forward to the present day and with a friend, I got some fantastic memories from my runs all over Europe albeit with a mobile phone. Onto bigger challenges, The Pyrenees, Italy and once again the pictures captured by my humble iPhone have been an invaluable resource in writing the book and this blog … some of them are actually quite good!

I think the best thing to come out of the digital age is that everyone has the ability to create thanks to the mobile phone. Judging by the people I follow on Instagram the quality of the photos is stunning. Photography is no longer the preserve of the expert it is available to everyone.

So I decided to invest in an Olympus EM! – it’s an old model so I picked it up for a bargain. I’m going to build (another!) site and start chronicling my adventures. Every picture tells a story so Henri Cartier-Bresson watch out. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

In the meantime I’ve changed this site to be more pictorial and of course you can follow me on Instagram. So get snapping!


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