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Viva Barcelona … even in the rain!

There was an air of anticipation as the plane came in low over the Mediterranean and touched down at Barcelona Airport. Deja vu for me as I, along with 10,000 other competitors, had run my very first marathon here in 2013 - in fact this was the run that had started my endurance running adventure. The following morning, bright and early after a hearty breakfast, Marlena

Viva Barcelona … even in the rain! 2016-11-28T08:32:36+00:00

12 countries 12 marathons 12 months … 1 book

*Update - yayyy we did it! All 12 marathons done plus several "halves" and a few Ultras chucked in for good measure! Well we're nearly there now, just two more to go. We leave for Barcelona and the beautiful Pyrenees next week for our "Spanish leg" of our adventure and then for our final one - who knows where but it will be spectacular! The last 11

12 countries 12 marathons 12 months … 1 book 2016-11-28T08:32:53+00:00

Thames Path 100

*Thames Path 100 update* - well I got to 90.6 miles before missing the final check point - a case of so far yet so near! But I learnt a lot and will definitely give it a go solo before the end of the year to prove that I can do it within the timescale. An article about my journey and my plans to crack

Thames Path 100 2016-11-28T08:33:04+00:00

Virgin London Marathon

Well this one is well & truly booked and I'll be ready to rock for ABC to read, a great charity based in Berkshire that works with schools and encourages and helps children who are struggling with reading and lack confidence. It's a really worthwhile cause so if you feel like dipping your hand in your pocket here is my donate page So how's the

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Pizza runners fuel

Pizza and running are synonymous with each other but just how healthy is it for you. Well the good news is that Pizza can acutely provide a nutritional boost if the crust is a wholemeal crust, which is packed with fibre and energy-genearating B vitamins, and the topping is overflowing with mediterranean vegetables. There are lots of recipes on the internet or the large supermarkets

Pizza runners fuel 2016-11-28T08:33:27+00:00

Let’s go TrailBlazing!

People are always asking how much planning goes into these amazing runs that we have done (and are doing) across Europe and the answer is ….  well not very much actually! So lets introduce you to the secret of how we “plan” these adventures or as we prefer to call it “The Art of TrailBlazing”. We do one of these marathon challenges every month so

Let’s go TrailBlazing! 2016-11-28T08:33:36+00:00

The Zest For Life Tour!

Spring has sprung! Well it definitely has in Aquamarato’s world and to celebrate we are going to Spain in a couple of weeks to run our 11 marathon in as many months. But by now, if you’ve been following our adventures, you know that we like to do things slightly differently. A road trip is a road trip and we love ‘em – do you

The Zest For Life Tour! 2016-11-28T08:33:47+00:00

Plant Powered Light!

Let's introduce a new word to you in the world of healthy eating - Plant Powered Light! For those of you who've followed us for a while, you will now that in May 2014, to coincide with the start of our 12 marathon, 12 month, 12 country challenge, we embarked on a plant based diet inspired by amongst others, the famous ultra runner Rich Roll.

Plant Powered Light! 2016-11-28T08:34:01+00:00

Lisbon Marathon

Beautiful buildings, lovely people, cobblestones like sheet ice and running on a motorway. Our Lisbon marathon had it all - read on for the full story! Lisbon greeted us with a spectacular light show as our plane swopped down over the city on a beautiful clear January evening. But we had read the weather forecast - would it hold until tomorrow and our date with

Lisbon Marathon 2016-11-28T08:34:13+00:00

Brussels running routes

Brussels is a great place to run - wide streets, beautiful and historic buildings, parks, fountains and lakes and of course great places to stop for a quick nutritional top up (chocolate is not for runners!). We recently ran a marathon there and we thought it would be worthwhile including a map of our route and some pointers of what you will experience on the way. This

Brussels running routes 2016-11-28T08:34:23+00:00
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