Gonimy Europę, gonimy Świat!

A simple translation – “Chasing Europe, Chasing the World”

Simple enough words too but a real uphill task for elite runners in Poland who seek the support of the government to sponsor them and improve their chances of competing on a level playing field in the European Championships in 2015.

Well we’re doing something about it! To start with we’re putting our bodies on the line by running long distance runs – we’ve already completed a 50k challenge in Vienna this week (review here) and have just run 60k from Reading to Oxford – there is a review here – do check the video, it’s a classic! You can do your bit by following us on twitter @aquamarato and raising awareness amongst your fiends and followers. You can also make a donation to the project below.

Lots more initiatives on their way  – watch this space!

You can visit the Gonimy Europe website here to get all the details about the project – if you use Google Chrome there is a translate button should you need it!


Thank you to our wonderful friends and supporters who have donated so far – there’s still time to make your donation!

Monika Najda
Roza Bradley
Mirek Gibas
Aisha Sovula
Tyrese Sovula
Smart Sovula
Krystian Gibas
Martin Makara
Wojtek Kaczyk
Karol Olender
Barbara Mazur

We’ve reached a total of £145 so far which we will be sending to Karol and the team. Let’s keep it going and see if we can reach (at least) £250 by New Years eve!


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