A year in pictures

A year in pictures. I do write in my journal every single day – it becomes a habit just like running every day and it’s really beneficial to talk to yourself – ask any shrink! But at the start of 2022 I decided to keep a visual diary as well…

The call to adventure


If you had looked at my bio and picture when I was in my mid fifties ‘Adventurer’ would not have been the first word that would have sprung to mind. I was clinically obese, exhausted and demoralised, working long hours in a job I didn’t much care for and I…

Moving Mountains – available now!

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is available now from Amazon (both in paperback and on Kindle) from Apple Books, Kobo and all leading booksellers. Signed copies will be available from the website in the next few days. Just click on the links below for your preferred option For the paperback or Kindle version then it’s…

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