Pyrenees – a mission!

Running with a purpose I admit it! I run for the shear enjoyment of it and the huge diversity it offers, the challenge, the excitement, the peace, the tranquility, pitting your wits against the elements, connecting with nature, overcoming physical and mental barriers and yes the escape too. However a chance meeting last week has given a new purpose to my Pyrenean Adventure. My Sister

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Thames Path 100 revisited

Thames Path 100 revisited If you are regular followers of this blog you will know that last year I attempted my first "100 miler" and got to mile 91 before missing the last checkpoint! (You can read the whole story here ) Well never one to give up gracefully I've decided to give it another go thanks to a late entry and in just a couple

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Thames Path 100

*Thames Path 100 update* - well I got to 90.6 miles before missing the final check point - a case of so far yet so near! But I learnt a lot and will definitely give it a go solo before the end of the year to prove that I can do it within the timescale. An article about my journey and my plans to crack

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Running with flu!

For the last fortnight my nose has been pressed against the window, #blisterbunnies sitting forlorlnly in the corner desperate to go out running. The spirit is willing but sadly the body is not! But, with all this spare time on my hands, I've made a marvellous discovery - the art of virtual running! So if you want to run the Badwater Ultra , 135 miles

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Brrrr…..illiant Vienna!

The early morning mist swirled around the dark grey waters of the Danube as we prepared for our biggest challenge yet - a 5ok ultra through the streets of Vienna to raise awareness for our friend Dominika Nowakowska, a top Polish middle distance runner, and her team, Gonimy Europe. Although the temperature was above freezing the biting wind made it feel distinctly sub-zero! Anyway you know what

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Race To The Stones 2014

For what seemed like the 100th time that night, I looked at my watch - 1:00 am and still an hour and a half before I was due to get up. It was no good, I couldn't wait any longer! I got up, showered, got into my running kit and had breakfast (or was it a late supper) had a final check of my kit

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