Running Guides are on their way!

The first three Running Guides are on their way! I've been working hard('ish) on the country running guides over the last few weeks and the first three will be available very soon. They are going to be packed with information from all the countries we've visited and run in over the last 18 months - the first will include guides on Lake Como, Champagne and Berlin

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12 countries 12 marathons 12 months … 1 book

*Update - yayyy we did it! All 12 marathons done plus several "halves" and a few Ultras chucked in for good measure! Well we're nearly there now, just two more to go. We leave for Barcelona and the beautiful Pyrenees next week for our "Spanish leg" of our adventure and then for our final one - who knows where but it will be spectacular! The last 11

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Let’s go TrailBlazing!

People are always asking how much planning goes into these amazing runs that we have done (and are doing) across Europe and the answer is ….  well not very much actually! So lets introduce you to the secret of how we “plan” these adventures or as we prefer to call it “The Art of TrailBlazing”. We do one of these marathon challenges every month so

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Plant Powered Light!

Let's introduce a new word to you in the world of healthy eating - Plant Powered Light! For those of you who've followed us for a while, you will now that in May 2014, to coincide with the start of our 12 marathon, 12 month, 12 country challenge, we embarked on a plant based diet inspired by amongst others, the famous ultra runner Rich Roll.

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Champagne Marathon

A sweltering hot day, running through world famous vineyards, talking to vignobliers, French angels carrying water. Where are we? - Reims, France of course for our third European Marathon in 3 months! Another early morning dash to catch the Dover ferry and then a drive along the autoroute the 280km to Reims, the destination for our latest marathon. It was with some trepidation that we

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