12 countries 12 marathons 12 months … 1 book

*Update - yayyy we did it! All 12 marathons done plus several "halves" and a few Ultras chucked in for good measure! Well we're nearly there now, just two more to go. We leave for Barcelona and the beautiful Pyrenees next week for our "Spanish leg" of our adventure and then for our final one - who knows where but it will be spectacular! The last 11

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Savile Garden Marathon

Well we did it! The first leg of our 12 marathon/12 month challenge well and truly nailed but not without some drama on the way - well we like challenges! We had already mapped out the course - 4 x 6+ mile loops of Savill Gardens with 2 miles added on at the end - and had had a few practice runs so we knew

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