“Nothing changes if nothing changes”

I know first hand the positive effects that running can have on your life, on your mind body and soul. Five years ago I was in my fifties, 70 lbs overweight, suffering from psoriatic arthritis and thoroughly disillusioned with life and what the future held for me. Within 2 years I had lost a third of my body weight, had run my first marathon, changed my diet completely, had a complete career change and was looking forward to a pain free life filled with excitement and adventure and I can attribute this revolution directly to running.

I now run marathons and ultras all over Europe discovering cultures, places and people that I would never have dreamed off just a few years ago. I capture my adventures on my mobile phone and write about them on the MasaiRunning blog. I’ve now started to do multi-day running adventures – my last one was a traverse of the Spanish Pyrenees, a distance of 525 miles in 27 days.

Now it’s time to give something back! I am an ordinary person who does extraordinary things and that blueprint is within all of us – it takes commitment and the realisation that the only limitations are ones that we set ourselves.

I’m starting a programme – RUN TO DISCOVER LIFE – designed to inspire and encourage the budding runner in all of us regardless of age, sex or circumstances and the seasoned runner too, perhaps feeling a bit stuck with their training regime. Running opens up all kinds of gateways that are hard to imagine from the outside. Sure there are the obvious health benefits – improved circulation, muscle toning, weight loss, reduced blood pressure, improved respiratory function etc. but actually there are some very tangible benefits to the way we think, act and approach life if we only allow ourselves to experience them. Running really can improve your mind body and soul!


Trail running – what is it & how to go about it

Urban running – what is it & how to go about it

Technique – minimising injuries, economy of movement

Building the miles – multi-day running

Organised events versus self-supported – run for adventure

Running abroad – why, how & where

Kit – what matters & what doesn’t

Stretching – Dynamic stretching (not all stretching is the same)

Yoga for runners

Nutrition – you are what you eat Runners fuel – Plant based diet – why it really does work & I can prove it!

Hydration – avoiding the sports drink trap